The Best of the RNC Emails

Recently, it was discovered that the Republican National Committee was also hacked, but unlike the Democrats, their emails were not exposed. Yesterday, a small band of hackers hacked the hackers that hacked the political emails. “The [small band of] hackers were able to steal 152 emails before they lost internet connection,” says Rufus Lenhart, a reporter for The Hacker News, “This is a problem we all … Continue reading The Best of the RNC Emails

Government Proposes New Earthquake Schedule

In California, the home of The Faux Report’s main office, the locals are always prepared for an earthquake, and likewise never phased when one occurs.  This immunity to the natural disaster Californians have developed is a bi-product of the constant earthquakes scheduled by the Government to take place in the Golden State. However, many Californians, and others interested in visiting the warm, beach-speckled state, have expressed … Continue reading Government Proposes New Earthquake Schedule

How To Write a Star Wars Movie

Photo: Gramps gives it a go NICASIO, CA- After millionaire and creator or Star Wars George Lucas released the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, with J.J. Abrams, the script writing team accidentally leaked their method for writing Star Wars movies. The internet soon discovered it, and millions of people now are writing their own Star Wars episodes. “It’s horrible for business,” says director … Continue reading How To Write a Star Wars Movie