Self-Driving Car Kills 1, Everyone Else Kills 100

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A self-driving car from Zoombies, the Silicon Valley-based startup innovating in autonomous vehicles, hit and killed a pedestrian in San Francisco yesterday night.


The company, which just received more than $20 million in series b funding, was quick to stop all testing in the Bay Area, and says that they are already working with the victim’s family.

“Accidents happen”

“This is a great example of how driverless cars are endangering the lives of our community, and why they should really be stopped,” says Daniel Mathis, the sole representative for Pedestrians Against Driverless Cars, California Citizens for Real Drivers, and Americans Against Autonomous Automobiles—to name a few. When asked by reporters about the ~100 people killed that day by non-autonomous cars, he said, “Accidents happen.”

Photo: Waymo / Google


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