French Chateau Sits Down After Standing for More Than 500 Years

Photo: The former location of the Chateau

What makes a French town a French town is its chateau. The chateau would be built, the town would grow up around it, and the town would be given a place on the map, under the name of the chateau, of course.

The small town of Constitué in the South of France is home to its own chateau—le Chateau du Constitué. Many chateaus are grand buildings, lovingly restored and turned into historical museums. The Constitué Chateau is an exception. The more than 500 year old building is falling into a state of disrepair. “The town uses it as a kind of storage space,” says longtime resident Jean de Marais, “I keep my stale baguettes in their until croquet season.”

Like most of the residenuts of Constitué, the chateau is in its advanced ages, and turned 503 years old this past July. As it grows older, it slowly looses the ability to stay standing for long periods of times. Finally, the Chateau of Constitué decided to take a seat, and rest its aching foundations.

The chateau is just going to take five and put its feet up until it can get back in the groove of chateau life.

2 thoughts on “French Chateau Sits Down After Standing for More Than 500 Years

  1. I worry it will have difficulty falling back into “the groove of chateau life” when it stands again. Thank you for covering this important story. Excellent journalism.

  2. I fear that other chateaux will get the same idea. I imagine their grumbling about standing too long tho I rather like visiting then

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