Tips for Airport Travel

During the summer season, many people are traveling by air to their favorite vacation spots.

Airports. Some love them, most hate them. Either way, airports are a necessary part of air travel. Here are some tips for using them to get from here to there more enjoyably.

Get some exercise. Airports are a great place to burn some calories. Airports are full of unique and effective ways to exercise. Use the moving sidewalks as treadmills. For a harder workout, sprint to your terminal to catch your flight. You can even drag someone off a plane for some extra exercise.

Take a nap. It is very common for people into take naps in airports. If your flight is delayed, or you are waiting for your plane to arrive, napping is a good way to pass the time and catch up on your sleep. There are many places for sleep in an airport—from the hard plastic waiting chairs to the dusty tiled floor. Here is another prime spot for taking a snooze. One of the best places to take a nap is in your plane. If your plane is at the airport and fueling up, there’s a easy way to get inside and curl up. This way, you don’t need to wake up until your flight has landed. Getting in the plane is easy. All you must do is tailgate an airport employee to get out the protected door onto the Tarmac. Then, locate your plane and use your arms to swing up onto the underbelly of the plane. Using your legs, grab your luggage and hold it between your knees. Then, work your way up to the top of the cockpit. Climb down onto the nose of the plane and break the reinforced cockpit window, and clamber inside.

Skip the lines. One of the worst parts of air travel is the lines in the airport. The easiest way to get to your plane is to avoid the lines all together. Many airport janitors know the maze of hallways and walkways behind the mysterious doors that blend into the siding on the airport walls like the back of their hand. In exchange for a loaf of bread, a quilt, or a small fee, some janitors will lead you into the door on the wall and take you to your terminal, completely skipping the lines.

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