What Are Kids’ Summer Plans?

Photo: Oh yeah! Stock photos!

With the end of school fast approaching, kids are getting ready for some summer fun. Some schools have already opened their doors to summer, and the rest are only days away from the final bell of the year. The Faux Report has compiled a list of the top plans for the 2017 summer.

#1: Be Bored: When summer comes, many kids are ready to play video games, watch movies, play sports, hang with their friends, and have all sorts of entertaining adventures. But no! Many children plan to spend the entire summer locked in their room with “lots of things to do.”

#2: Destroy Their Report Card: Summer means trips to Disneyland, days full of movies and popcorn, and the blissful absence of school. But summer also means…report cards! That’s right! Many students plan to be frantically attempting to destroy their report cards. Due to new developments in report card paper, it has become increasingly difficult to tear, burn or blend their report cards. PARENTS: If you manage to recover bits of your child’s report card, use out handy report card decoder.

#3: Create FailArmy Videos: The popular YouTube channel FailArmy relies on viewer-submitted videos for their channel to post. The channel regularly sees a spike in video submissions in the summer. Some believe that this is caused by the popularity of boredom (see number one) over the summer. “Of course, humans are always failing, so we never run out of content, that is the beauty of it all,” says co-founder Josh Entman.

Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 8.38.58 AM

#4: Write Articles For The Faux Report: I guess that’s what we’re doing…you can too! Click here to learn more.

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