Why We Don’t Speak Caveish Anymore


Y we dunt speek cuvish anyMoor Iss dat ith iss haurd tooo undirtstand. IIt iss moosty gurnting anp piontingg aht tings. sooo Lolgicly we wundent speeke Caveish Anymor . altho, Peepol half mooved on frum speking sush udder nom-shensh, and it mlakes senth y e dunt shpeek Caveish anymor. wHeen wee speekk Caveish, Ith Ith hurd tu undirtstand. Y u wud wUnt too stheep Caveish iss beund mi reash off undurstandinngs.

This article was translated to Caveish using the English to Caveish Generator, which can be found Here

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