New Species Of Octopus Found In Deep Sea

Recently, in early 2017, scientists found a new species of octopus (pictured above) in a ocean valley, where previously none have been.

Soon after the discovery, Apple released a statement on the find.

Apple said that they had discovered the octopus by accident, and used a film of it for a screensaver. They “lost” it after filming it.

This creature has a hypnotizing movement, causing divers to lose their sense of awareness. The new species is extremely rare, and there are only two known to exist. One of them is suspected to be held captive at Apple Headquarters in Recuperation, California, and one in Area 51, deep in the Nevada desert.

Apple claims that they were able to record the octopus without it hypnotizing the film’s viewers. Even so, owners of Apple products are told to change the screensaver to something safer, like shell.

Some marine specialists are concerned with the treatment of the animal, and multiple attempts to try and find out if the creature is kept well, although all attempts have failed to try and find out if the creatures are still alive. So far, there has been 28 failed attempts to locate the creature in apple HQ, and 0 attempts to find area 73, as it is on the moon.

Any more information that comes our way will be told, but for now, this is all we know.


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