Man Spends 30 Minutes on Credit Card Signature

pexels-photo-101584.jpegPhoto: The modern design of the Green Oaks Mall

On Thursday, Michael Fawkes (left) went shopping at the Green Oaks Mall near his house in suburban Connecticut. The hobby artist and muralist purchased some clothes at the Old Navy and a new set of paints at the art store in the mall. When Fawkes went to sign the screen at the checkout counter, “a sudden urge came over me,” says Fawkes, 32, on his art blog. Security tapes show that Fawkes spent 27 minutes and 14 seconds on the masterpiece in the mall. The mall personnel did not stop him, much to the disappointment of the shoppers in line behind him. “By the time [Michael] Fawkes finished and left the mall, the other shoppers were understandably grumpy,” says mall manager Cesar Avilez. “I think that it was worth the wait,” said a young child waiting in the line with his mother, “I found six Pokemon just in the shops around the line. Six!” His mother thinks differently, “It was late in the afternoon, and this was the only line open for some reason. I’m sorry, I need to get home to cook dinner. Good luck with your article for The Fox Reporter.” The drawing from the receipt is currently on exhibit in the recycling bin at the Green Oaks Mall in southern Connecticut. The gallery would like us to remind you that flash photography is not allowed.

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