Dog Owner Puzzled Why Dog is Winning Fitbit Challenge

Photo: This guy doesn’t need a Fitbit to win!

AMHERST, NH- Recently, a man named Nico Jones-Douglas decided that it would be good idea to do the Fitbit challenge. He had been losing to his friends that did the challenge with him previously. “I was having trouble finding someone to do the challenge with me that I could actually beat. So I looked at [my dog] Danny here and asked him what he thought. Then it struck me. I could challenge Danny. There was no way he would win,” says Jones-Douglas. Jones-Douglas purchased Danny a Fitbit, and Danny and his owner went jogging in the local park.

charlywkarl / Flickr

When Jones-Douglas got home, he tried to check the Fitbit Challenge app, but his phone had died. Alternatively, he plugged his own Fitbit into his laptop and compared the results to the data from his own Fitbit. He was shocked to find that Danny ran more than twice the amount that Nico did. If Danny was a smaller dog, this may have been because he took small strides, but Danny is a large dog, that takes strides almost the same size as his Master.

After poking through Fitbit support forums, Jones-Douglas discovered that the Fitbit Danny had, being a smart tool (and a newer model), had multiplied the number of steps that Danny had taken by two, on account of Danny having twice the number of legs that Nico has.

When we asked a technician at Fitbit why they developed this feature, they got very flustered and replied that it was “restricted information.”

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