Camilla’s Screen Time Runs Out

Photo: Camilla’s laptop just before running out of time

PHOENIX , AZ- Camilla Washington, 18, just started College, and it was a nasty surprise when Parental Controls took over her new Mac laptop. A few minutes into her homework, a warning popped up telling her to, “Finish up, because your time is running out. Save your work in all open programs.” She thought nothing of it, and continued with her work. As she was finishing the opening of a paper for physics, another window popped up. She started to worry, but dismissed it too. As the last window popped up, counting down from 5, she realized the situation. She quickly tried to add more time, but she wasn’t fast enough. She watched in horror as the screen turned light blue, and spun in a cube to the start screen. She attempted to login into the admin account to add more time, but the password was unknown to her. She took out her phone (which was thankfully uncontrolled) and called her parents. They told her the password, and she was able to continue writing. She had to change the password, because it brought up a childhood memory about a certain sister and bowl of punch.


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