Popular Typing.com Sells Ads in Lessons

Photo: Teacher is having a hard time finding the ™ symbol for her student

SEATTLE, WA- As students ask their teachers where the ™ symbol is on their keyboards, havoc breaks loose in the Typing.com advertising offices. Soon after the new update to the Typing.com website that added customizable keyboard keys, typo fixes and a new advertising system, a student came across the text she must type; CocaCola™. “She had no idea what to make of it,” says the student’s teacher, “how was she supposed to type ™ symbol?” CocaCola declined to say if they had bought the ad from the typing website, but a spokesman for Typing.com said, “We weren’t doing so well. We had some money problems. We sold one lousy ad to CocaCola. It helped a lot. What do you care?” Typing.com has now fixed the ™ problem, but they do not plan to remove the ad from the typing lesson “Healthy Foods.”

Photo: The Odyssey Online


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