Apple uses Watch to Track Employees

Photo: An Apple Watch with a hidden tracking device inside

CUPERTINO, CA- Outside of Apple Headquarters, a riot of employees, former employees and customers is raging. “It’s dishonest,” said a former employee. Apple has been using their news hit product, the Apple Watch, to track their employees. “I’ve always been mystified when I get phone calls from executives telling me not to get drunk when I’m with my friends at some bar or pub,” says Apple Store worker Mark Adamson. A engineer for the Watch discovered that she was being tracked when he discovered that the Watch app on her iPhone was using more cellular data than even Google Maps. She investigated and discovered that there was a tracking feature built into the operating system of all the Apple Watches given to the employees. “The tracking feature isn’t in the customers watches,” says Emma Parker, the engineer that discovered the tracking program in the Watches, “only ours [the employees].” Apple has not yet given an explanation. “They better [give an explanation],” says a manger at the Cupertino Police Department, “the riots are getting violent. People have tried to break the windows. Good thing they’re strong!”



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